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It was only natural that the company began to expand into the winch market as we were one of the earliest purveyors of government surplus winches. Braden winches were found installed on the Dodge, 4x4, WWII and Korean trucks. Tulsa winches were mounted on halftracks and Garwood winches were on GMC, Studebaker, White, Reo,Mack, and other 6x6 trucks. Carco winches were in tanks and equipment. Later vehicles included DP, Ramsey, Gearmatic, Gear Products, etc. Today almost all winch manufactures are attempting to sell their products for incorporation in military vehicles. By the the 1950's , our personnel knew more about winches by accident than many other firms tried to learn on purpose. It would be less than surprising to know that we are a distributor for most of the aforementioned winch manufacturers as they found our firm to be staffed with knowledgeable personnel and, among other important criteria, the financial ability and stability to represent their goods in a proper manner.

Suffice it to say, we would guesstimate that we are among the top three U. S. companies in sales and the largest seller in the eastern half of the U.S.. Our export sales are worldwide and at times we are surprised as to how some of our foreign customers have reached us. Expertise and trust might be the answer. Not only can we fax or e-mail potential customers photos and specifications from manuals, but, in most cases, we can send actual photos of the product because we have the unit presently available in our inventory.


Inventory1Sam Winer InventoryWe believe that our winch and winch parts inventory is unparalleled. Of the 70,000 sq.ft. of heatedinventory warehousing, approximately a third of the space is devoted to winch and winch parts. We even have anSam Winer Inventory outside area of 50x150 feet devoted to used winches and core winches for rebuilding. We have just enlarged our winch parts area to accommodate the expanded number of items that we deemed necessary to fulfill our customer's needs. Although it is virtually impossible to stock all of the parts for a winch product line, we probably have an order fill rate ofapproximately 80% from our inventory. The out-of-stock parts are shipped to you direct from the factory, if available.


serviceWe have just expanded our winch rebuild and test facilities which includes a state-of -the-art hydraulic test machine. We can sell you limited models of rebuilt winches at nearly 50% less than new cost or we can rebuild or repairRepair your winch within days. You can bring us your unit or ship your winch or we can direct a truck line to pickup the winch and we will add the freight costs to your repair invoice. It is just that simple. You just have to band the winch to a skid, weigh it if possible, and call us to tell us that the shipment is ready. If you just want an estimate on repair, we will inspect the winch for labor costs only and inform you as to our findings. Sometimes the problem can be as simple as a leaking seal or it can be as unpleasant as a unit that is uneconomically viable to rebuild. We will do our best to avoid the hidden surprises because we will fax a repair estimate for your approval before beginning the project.


We have three salesmen that are devoted to handling our winch sales. Your calls are answered by a real person and directed to the available salesman. You are not asked to review our company directory, give your social security number, or push 12 numbers. If you are placed "on hold" for more than two minutes, ourSales operator will ask if you would prefer a return call asap.
Our company will, also, offer the technology that will assist you in developing a winch package in such cases as a gear setup for a winch truck or a hydraulic package for other operations. Other major incidental items such as hydraulic reservoirs, hose, pumps and motors are available for a "one stop shop".

We have one of the nation's largest wire rope distributors in our area so we can sell you the reel of wire rope or install onto the winch your preference of U. S. made wire rope with end pieces usually within two days. We are Dana/Spicer and Muncie Power Products distributors; thus, we can supply the transmission and transfer applications necessary to impart the engine power to your winch application.


Since we do such a large volume of winch shipments, our truck freight rates are usually lower than most of our customers can obtain. As such, we can prepay and add the freight charges if you prefer or we will ship by the carrier of your choice, if possible. We ship by UPS or your preference every day near 3:00PM, We need your order at least one hour prior to pull the parts and process the paperwork in most cases. International ground and air shipments are quoted but one must expect a reasonable time delay on quotations.


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