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Posted November 11th by Sam Winer Motors

The military incorporated tires that were classified as NDT (Non-directional Tread).  The tire had a main rib with bars that raised perpendicular to the main rib.  The idea behind this design was that if the enemy saw your tracks, they could not tell if you were coming or going, coming on to the road or going off...etc.  As compared to conventional tires for on the road use, it would not be considered it a safe tire with the reduced braking surface. Also it is not as good as a mud and snow tire for off road use, being that the tread is not as aggressive. However, we do try to stock the military 9.00-20 , 11.00-20 and 14.00-20 NDT tires, as well the military radials: 37x12.5R16.5 (HMMWV / Hummer), 11.00R20, 335/80R20, 365/80R20, 395/85R20, 14.00R20, 450/80R20,16.00R20, 11.00R24, 12.00R24 and 14.00-24.  Wheels are also available. 



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