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Tulsa Winch - Model 18G

Posted October 7th by Sam Winer Motors

During WWII, Tulsa Winch was one of the major suppliers of winches to the military for specialty off-road fighting vehicles, in particular, the G102 Half Track vehicles.  The model used was the 18G winch, rated at 10,000 pounds of line pull at it the winch's bare drum layer.  It was a worm gear winch that ran from a drive shaft from the Power Take-Off (PTO) attached to the transmission.  The winch is still being manufactured (but looks a little different)  by the Tulsa Winch Group Company, a division of the Dover Group.  Also it has been re-rated as a 20,000 pound winch.  We are one of their largest distributors, so contact Robert when you are needing replacement parts, or are needing a used or rebuilt winch.  Check out the diagram and the parts list when ordering.

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