Braden Winch Model LU4

Posted September 23rd by Sam Winer Motors

 During the Korean War and the Vietnam War, Braden Winch was the major supplier of winches to the military 4x4 vehicles, primarily for the 3/4 ton Dodge M37/G741 and the 1 1/4 ton Kaiser Jeep M715. The model used was the LU4 winch, rated at 8000 pounds of line pull at it the winch's bare drum layer. It was a worm gear winch that ran from a drive shaft from the Power Take-Off (PTO) attached to the transmission. This winch model had an aluminum housing to help reduce its weight on the front of the vehicle. Even though the winch is no longer manufactured, most of its parts are still being produced by Braden Gearmatic Carco Winch Company, a division of PACCAR Winch. We are one of their largest distributors, so contact Robert when you are needing replacement parts, or are needing a rebuilt winch. Check out the diagram and the parts list when ordering.

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