Multifuel Engines

Posted August 18th by Sam Winer Motors

The Military Multifuel Engines were diesel engines that can be tweaked in times of emergency, like in warfare, to burn other fuels that are available that vary in octane levels (i.e. gasoline, aviation fuel).  Historically, the US military fleet of vehicles and equipment were primarily powered by gasoline engines, because it was that was the fuel of choice and most abundantly produced.  Diesel technology was around, but the abundance of fuel and the mass production of the engine was not of economic interest. As the move to diesel power became more economically desirable, especially due to its lower fuel consumption, the multifuel engine became the bridge between the military's pure gasoline fleet and its diesel fleet of vehicles and equipment.  

These Multifuel engines were used both in the M35 series 2.5 ton 6x6's, as well as in the 5 ton series 6x6's vehicles, but were also found in generators and other equipment.  The engines that were typically used in the later M35's were the LDT-465-1C (Turbocharged) , and the later 5 ton vehicles used were the LDS-465, which we carry both. The military spec'd  Multifuel engines were manufactured by Continental, White and Hercules.

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