Garwood Winch

Posted on June 20, 2013 by Sam Winer Motors

It is a common mistake that when people contact us about their Garwood Winch, they give us the casting number that they see off the winch’s brake housing, thinking that it is the model number.

The number that they are looking at is the actual part number for the brake housing cover (which could be also used on other various models of Garwood winches). The casting numbers that you see on the various parts of the winches act as their part numbers. Usually Garwood Winches had little steel tags affixed to the top of their worm gear housing with their Model and Serial identification, sometimes only unique to the buyer they were manufactured for. Most of those tags are missing, or if present are of little or no help. Usually when you contact us about your winch, please send many pictures.

Thank you.


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