Changing Military Air Packs / Hydrovacs

Posted on March 12, 2012 by Sam Winer Motors

When changing your Factory New Military Air Packs / Hydrovacs for the Military 2.5 ton 6×6 G742 M35 M35A1, Part number 8345003, National Stock Number (NSN) 2530-00-040-2188, it is advised that you entirely drain the brake fluid in the system and replace it with fresh brake fluid. This will help get rid of any contaminants and water that might be in your system that could damage the new air pack. Also make sure you do not mix brake fluid types (Silicon and Dot 3). Just stick with one fluid type. We have them available at $295.00 each, plus shipping. This also applies to the 5 ton military 6×6’s G744 Air Packs / Hydrovacs, Part number 12356933 or 375844 or 7376689, NSN 2530-00-6689. However they are $315.00 each, plus shipping. Rebuild kits are also available.


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