Garwood Military Winches

Garwood Winch was one of the early winch manufacturers and were widely used during WWII.  Unfortunately Garwood Winch went out of business in the early 1970’s making winches and parts for these winches hard to come by today.  Garwood Winches were primarily worm gear mechanically driven winches that were sold to civilians as well as to the military.
Here at Sam Winer Motors we have a number of Military surplus Garwood Winches plus a few of their civilian models in stock. Our stock consists of used and rebuilt Garwood Winches plus parts for these winches in the 10,000 to 60,000 pound line pull size range.


The most abundant models of Garwood Winches that we have are for 20,000 lb, 30,000 lb, 45,000 lb and 60,000 lb units.


Garwood 30k winch 45k Garwood Winch
Garwood 45k winch 60k Garwood Winch
Garwood Winch
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30 Responses to Garwood Military Winches

  1. mike says:

    are these PTO or hydraulicaly driven ?

  2. Dorian Sovak says:

    Keep working ,great job!

  3. jeff smith says:

    I would like to know more about a winch I got 12y2442 it says gar wood indastries Detroit

  4. Robert Zetzer says:

    please send me some pics of it so that I can try to identify it.
    Thank you.

  5. chris phillips says:

    I have a Garwood 10,000 lb. military winch I am using on my 1952 m211 . I am looking for the brake band for it . Would you have one and if so how much. Thanks

  6. Kurt Taylor says:

    I have a Garwood 2U509 military winch and want to know what applications it was used on.

  7. Robert Zetzer says:

    I am out of the M211 winch brake bands. If steel is still intact you may be able to get it relined.

  8. Robert Zetzer says:

    Sorry, can’t find any documentation. It may have been used on the WWII GMC 6×6 or other 6×6.

  9. Frank Van Althuis says:

    I recently came into possession of a pretty massive Gar Wood winch and would appreciate any information you could give me about it.
    Hopefully these pics will work for you

  10. Robert Zetzer says:

    that is a big winch. It is rated at 75,000 lbs on the first layer on the drum. One inch wire rope size is recommended. I hope this helps.
    Thank you.

  11. alan watts says:

    Hi I have a Garwood 12Y4457 looking for a brake band any links needed

  12. Robert Zetzer says:

    the 12Y4457 is the casting number off the cover, can you send me pics of the winch.
    Send it to
    Thank you.

  13. bill davies says:

    Hi there i have 2 identical garwood winches the model numbers are 12y4524 i was wondering do you have any information on these ie how many pounds are they rated at and do you think they were ex military they originated from southern england from a dealer 20 years or more ago quite close to some usaf bases just as a point of intrest they are both in very good condition and work perfectly thank you in advance for anything you can tell me best regards bill

  14. Robert Zetzer says:

    could you please send me pics of your winches to ?
    Please take some pics of the casting numbers on the cover over the worm gear.
    Thank you.

  15. george crims says:

    I have found a few garwood winches in a local salvage yard and would hate to see them get ruined.are there any serious buyers out there?and how would I find them?

  16. Robert says:

    could you send me some pics of them so that I can identify them?
    please send them to
    Thank you.

  17. Kirk Gustafson says:

    Do you carry parts for Garwood PTO’s I’ve got one that I believe is a GW-69Y9000C. I need the intermediate gear shaft and the intermediate shaft sleeve. Any chance you guys might carry these parts?


  18. Robert Zetzer says:

    what application (vehicle) did it come off of, and how was it used?
    Was it a single or 2 speed? One direction or Forward /reversing?
    Could you send me some pics?
    Let me know.

  19. Kirk Gustafson says:


    For the sake of otheres who might end up here from a Google search, it is a Garwood PTO, model 69Y9000C. It is from a 1942 chevy G506 1-1/2 ton army truck (cargo w/ winch). According to the manual, it is a single output (front) PTO, with High,
    Low, and Reverse. I sent you a scan of eh exploded parts diagram, with the parts circled that I’m looking for.

    Thanks again!

  20. ryan vlieger says:

    i have a 10000# garwood winch with broken shift shaft. do you have a shaft and handle for sale?

  21. Robert says:

    Is this the 10,000 lb garwood with the cast iron housing or the aluminum housing?

  22. Joseph says:

    I have a 20,000 lb. Garwood winch that only rotates about an eighth of a revolution by hand. I have not put power to it yet. I need to find someone who has an understanding of how to approach checking it out. I have no operation manual or any manual on the devise. I have it mounted on the back of a 1956 Caterpillar Traxcavator. I want to set it up to do logging. It may simply have a pin locking devise, which the clutch needs to see power to release. But I do not know for sure.


  23. John Dixon says:

    I have 17 garwood pto winchs that I would like to find out what they are worth and who might be intrested in them. They are still in the shipping crates. I think they are 10k rated.

  24. JACK JAMES says:

    I have a garwood 2u512 pto winch have any specs. on it

    • Robert Zetzer says:

      Garwood rates it has a maximum of 15,000 lbs on the first drum layer. Uses 1/2″ wire rope.
      I hope this helps.

  25. Guy says:

    We have a Garwood winch US15T22Y7365. We are trying to obtain some specs on the winch to determine if will be appropriate for our use, also what input torque is required.

    Please and Thank You, Guy

  26. Robert Zetzer says:

    from our previous phone conversation, we believed that it might be a 30,000 lbs winch.
    And also gave you the static and dynamic torque of it compared to a Tulsa Rough neck 30.
    I hope that was helpful.